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Shrubs tend to be very popular landscaping features in yards. They can bring added beauty, texture, and structure to any front or backyard, while providing privacy for homeowners. Shrubs also enhance landscaping style and add curb appeal. 

Like your lawn, shrubs need regular care to stay healthy. 

Watering and Feeding Your Shrubs

Watering is one of the most important actions you can take to care for shrubs, and that is especially the case for newly planted shrubs.  You should be watering at least weekly during the first season in your garden. Make sure the soil surrounding the shrub is saturated.  

Place a hose nozzle on the ground and turn the water on, to a slow flow. Set a timer for five to 10 minutes so the water can be completely absorbed by the soil. Another tool that could be helpful for watering your shrubs is a soaker hose. Place the hose around the bush or shrub inside the watering ring and turn the water on so it is coming out of the hose very slowly. Leave the water going for 10 minutes to substantially water the shrub.  If the soil is moist down to the root, then you can turn the water off. 

When it comes to feeding your shrubs, avoid applying fertilizer to new shrubs, as that can bring about weak, spindly growth. Instead, mulch the soil with compost as that will maintain moisture while adding important nutrients and micronutrients to the soil. 

For shrubs that are weaker or not necessarily thriving, try cultivating the soil surrounding the shrubs and add a layer of mulch or compost. Also, prune damaged stems and thoroughly water your ailing shrub. If it does not respond favorably, then fertilize lightly, and follow the instructions on the package. 

When and How to Prune Shrubs

The most important project when it comes to shrub care is pruning. Pruning involves cutting overgrown and dead branches on your plant or shrub. That will allow it to continue growing. You should also prune a shrub if it is causing a hazard for your homes, such as interference with an electrical wire or HVAC equipment. 

In order to sustain the size and shape of your shrubs, you should prune them frequently. Make good use of different tools for pruning your bushes. Deciding when to prune is based entirely on the type of shrubs you have. When it comes to pruning shrubs, timing is very important. For example, flowering shrubs – such as rose bushes – should be pruned immediately after they bloom. For other shrubs that do not bloom, prune them in late winter while they remain dormant. This paves the way for them to begin growing again when the spring rains arrive. 

Managing Struggling Shrubs 

If your shrubs are weak and you’re struggling to keep them upright, then you should stalk the new plants on the lawn. Provide this support to the plants until they have developed a strong trunk. The stalk needs to be the height of the tree. Use a heavy wrapped wire to tie the stalk to the branches of the tree.  Be sure the cable is covered with a hose to protect the tree bark from grinding. 

Utilizing the appropriate gardening and shrub maintenance techniques is the key to maintaining healthy and vibrant bushes. Enjoy selecting your favorite bushes that best suit your neighborhood and be sure to prune, water, and fertilize as needed. 

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