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Just as you adjust your sprinkler system for the fall, you also should get it ready for winter.  Before you know it, cold winter weather – with its snow and ice and freezing temperatures – will descend on the Tri-Cities.  Therefore, it is very important to winterize your sprinkler system while it is still fall and prior to the first frost. 

When freezing temperatures hit, the water in the sprinkler system may freeze and expand. If that happens, your system will not be able to contain this water expansion. This can result in valves, fittings, pipes, and other components cracking open or bursting. This could be a very expensive fix come spring time. For example, a new sprinkler system can cost as much as $3,000 to $5,000, or more. In order to prevent this from happening, it is advised you turn off your sprinkler system by:  

  • November 15th if you have an above-ground backflow preventer

  • December 1st if you have an underground system

If you have not scheduled a sprinkler system blowout to winterize your sprinklers, we invite you to contact Birch’s Lawn Care & Landscaping as we can come to your home to perform a blowout of your sprinkler system. 

During this process, our lawn care and landscaping professionals will drain all of the remaining water from your sprinkler system and ensure there is no water left in the pipes. We will likely use an air compressor for the blowout.  This prevents any potential freezing that might take place. 

Our lawn care experts will select the section of your lawn that is farthest away from your home, and work towards the structure. Your sprinklers will be turned on for two to three minutes, which enables the water to drain properly. Once the water has changed from mist to just air coming out, we will move to the next one. 

After the system has been thoroughly blown out, we will turn off the controller or timer. 

Sprinkler cared for by Birch's Lawn Care

What Happens During A Sprinkler System Blowout?

Here are the highlights of how our lawn care experts at Birch’s will winterize your system: 

  1. Initially, an industrial grade air compressor is used to “blowout” the system. 

  1. Each yard has several zones that make up the sprinkler system. Every zone is “blown out” by connecting the air compressor to the main valve. 

  1. The next step involves slowly releasing the air into the pipes in each zone and discharging the water until there is no more water coming out.  (It is advised to have one of our Birch’s professionals winterize your pipes as they know the proper PSI – pounds per square inch – that your pipes can withstand and how to safely extract the water.) 

  1. After all of the water has been drained, the system is examined, including the pipes, valves, and anything else having to do with your sprinkler system that could need attending to, in order to fully prepare for winter. 
Snow Tractor removing snow from clients driveway courtesy of Birch's Lawn Care and Maintenance

Additional Preventative Steps to Prevent Winter Sprinkler System Damage

If you do not have a rain or freeze sensor for your sprinkler system, consider having one installed. This sensor will monitor the outside air temperature and the quantity of rain that has fallen.  Keep in mind that if the temperature drops below freezing before the fall blowout, the sensor will prevent the system from turning on and causing damage. 

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Look to Birch’s for Expert Winterizing of Your Sprinkler System

Birch’s lawn care experts will safely and professionally winterize your sprinkler system. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your sprinkler system will be intact and ready to go come the spring. 

Now that winter is almost here, contact Birch’s Lawn Care & Landscaping to prepare your sprinkler system for the freezing temperatures of winter. 

We are here to provide the best lawn care and maintenance services in the Tri-Cities including Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland.