Snow Removal

The fall season will soon give way to winter with its trademark snow in the Tri-Cities. While snow can be pretty to look at and is fun for snowball fights, it can become potentially hazardous when it comes to slips and falls.

Keep in mind that removing snow and ice from your yard can be dangerous if not done correctly.  In fact, a 2015 study found that, on average, 11,500 Americans receive medical treatment every year for heart attacks, broken bones, and other injuries sustained when removing snow. 

We suggest leaving the snow removal to our professionals at Birch’s Lawn Care & Landscaping

Tri-Cities Snow Removal

Importance of Snow Removal

Removing snow can prevent injuries caused by slipping on wet snow. You can also avoid your car skidding while backing out of the driveway. Moreover, making sure your sidewalk and walkways are clear of ice and snow is the safe and neighborly thing to do during winter. Depending on your property’s location, you could be legally required to remove the snow on your sidewalk after a short period of time. 

Slip-and-fall accidents are a common occurrence during winter. While snow removal can help to prevent these mishaps from happening, ongoing maintenance is necessary to make sure steps, driveways, and sidewalks remain dry and free from snow. You don’t want to end up with legal issues if a neighbor or other visitors fall and sustain injuries while on your property!

Clearing your driveway or pathways of snow makes it easier for you and your loved ones to get in and out of your home, especially when going to school and work in the morning. It is also convenient to put on any shoes without being wary of slipping and falling on the snow. Snow removal helps you avoid incidents such as slipping on wet snow or your car skidding while going out of the driveway. 

If you have people of various ages – young and old – living in your house, you don’t want to have to worry about someone slipping and falling and risking injury, especially older folks or children. This is why it is so important to clear the snow from your driveway and front steps to protect your loved ones from harm. 

Making sure your part of the sidewalk and walkways are cleared of snow is a thoughtful gesture to your neighbors so they know they can get around safely.  They have the peace of mind of knowing they can walk on the sidewalk or pull out of their driveway and avoid a potentially dangerous incident.

For some of you who may belong to a homeowner’s association, you may be mandated to promptly remove snow on your property and walkway, sidewalk, etc.  This is why you should remain hyper-vigilant when it comes to clearing your property of snow, as someone could potentially take legal action against you if they slip and fall and sustain injuries. 

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Look to Birch’s for Snow Removal Services

Let our lawn care and landscaping professionals at Birch’s take on the responsibility of removing snow from your property. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you can spare yourself the anxiety and worry of potentially dangerous circumstances when you step outside your home and walk on your property when it is cleared of snow. 

Avoid the aggravation of having to contend with a potential legal action or a loved one getting hurt by allowing Birch’s Lawn Care & Landscaping to thoroughly and promptly remove the snow from your property.