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Edging your lawn is often considered an afterthought, but it gives your lawn that extra dimension of crispness and cleanness that makes your yard enviable to the neighbors. Edging gives your lawn a clean, manicured appearance while enhancing your curb appeal. It also adds value to your landscape without spending a lot of money. 

What’s more, edging your lawn is that finishing touch that can make the difference between a good-looking lawn and a great one.  While edging is not a crucial part of lawn maintenance, it gives your lawn an attractive appearance that is not achievable by any other means. 

There are also more practical reasons to edge your lawn. Along with frequent mowing, edging and trimming your lawn will help to reduce weeds, and improve your lawn’s overall health. What’s more, edging provides cleaner lawn lines, with tidy, weed-free borders that do not distort the shape and structure of your lawn’s edges.  This keeps your lawn and your garden looking good every season.

Edging compasses using a tool called an edger or trimmer to provide smooth, neat lawn lines. Edges are tools that give you a vertical cut to the grass being edged.  Trimmers apply a horizontal cut.  Each of these tools has a different purpose when it comes to lawn maintenance. 

You use an edger to create neat, tidy edging that gives your yard a well-manicured appearance. They also give your lawn’s borders a finely-groomed look by not allowing grasses to grow outside the confines of the lawn’s edges. 

In contrast, trimmers are meant for leveling out patches of grass where your mower cannot reach or are too tall to mow. These patches can be trimmed to the level of your mowed lawn. 

Also, be aware when edging your lawn that you do not inadvertently end up running your edger into the lawn itself.  It is important to stay flush with the edges of the lawn, so you avoid cutting out chunks of the lawn. 

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Edging & Trimming

Best Time for Edging

When you edge your lawn depends on how much effort and time you want to put into it. If you choose to edge once a year, then lean toward late June.  Doing so allows you to avoid the peak growing season, which is April to May, so your edge work lasts longer. Your grass grows less from July to December. 

If you want to make edging a twice-a-year activity, we suggest you edge once in early June and again in late August. By addressing your edges at the beginning and end of the peak growing season, you will have very neat and tidy edges, making your neighbors jealous. 

Lawn Edging Recommendations

  • Make it a point to edge at least once a year. That way you don’t have to contend with overgrowth when you decide to do it. Also, stand on the sidewalk or driveway when edging. Make it a point to not stand on the grass. 
  • Under no circumstances should you use your weed trimmer. 
  • Edge on a schedule. If you plan to edge just once a year, do so in late June so your edge stays fresh for as long as possible. 
  • If it is your first time edging, you might want to call a professional at Birch’s Lawn Care & Landscaping. The overgrowth probably will be significant, and one of our lawn care experts can get it done faster and leave you with a helpful guide for growth if you decide to keep up the edging yourself afterward. 
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